Dyness 6kw Hybrid Inverter

Dyness 6kw Single Phase Inverter

10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Input Dc(PV side)
Recommended max.PV power5.76kW8kW8kW12.8kW
Max.input voltage600V
Rated voltage330V
Start-up voltage90V
MPPT voltage range90-520V
Max.input current16A/16A32A/20A
Max.short circuit current24A/24A36A/30A
MPPT number/Max.input strings number2/22/3
Battery typeLi-ion
Battery voltage range40-60V
Max.charge/discharge power3.6kW5kW6kW8kW
Max.charge/discharge current80A112A135A190A
Output AC(Grid side)CAN/RS 485
Rated output power3.6kW5kW6kW8kW
Max.apparent output power4kVA5.5kVA6.6kVA8.8kVA
Operation phase1/N/PE
Rated grid voltage220V/230V
Rated grid frequency50Hz/60Hz
Rated grid output current16.4A/15.7A22.7A/21.7A27.3A/26.1A36.4A/34.8A
Max.output current20A25A30A40A
Power factor>0.99(0.8 leading -0.8 lagging)
Input AC(Grid side)
Input voltage range187-253V
Max.input current25A32A40A50A
Frequency range45-55Hz/55-65Hz
Output AC(Back-up)
Rated output power3.6kW5kW6kW8kW
Max.apparent output power2 times of rated power, 10s
Back-up switch time<4ms
Rated output voltage1/N/PE,220V/230V
Rated frequency50Hz/60Hz
Max.output current20A25A30A40A
TH Dv(@linear load)<2%
EU efficiency>96.5%
DC reverse-polarity protectionYes
Ground fault monitoringYes
Integrated AFCI(DC arc-fault circuit protection)Yes
Protection class/Overvoltage categoryI/I(PV and BAT) , Ⅲ(MAINS and BACKUP and GEN)
General Data
TopologyHigh frequency isolation(for battery)
Operating ambient temperature range-40-60C
Ingress protectionIP66
Cooling conceptNatural convectionIntelligent redundant fan-cooling
Max.operation altitude3000m
Certification&StandardNRS 097-2-1, IEC/EN 62109-1/-2, IEC/EN 61000-6-1/-2/-3/-4
DC connectionMC4plug(PV port) /Terminal Block(BAT port)
AC connectionTerminal Block
CommunicationRS 485, CAN,Optional:Wi-Fi, LAN
Warranty10 years*

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